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There seem to be so many variant spellings of the name APGAR that it is difficult to decide which is authentic. In the Valley of the Rhine, near the Autobahn between Koln and Frankfurt, there is a village near Krunkel, named Epgert. This form of the name is being used in research of the Apgar Family in Germany. However, the present research is being centered in the Niederwambach area.

On the list of Captain Reed, the name is spelt Apgard, if we read it correctly. The Antger form of the name, as recorded by the Courthouse Clerk, has not been seen again by the writer.

In the records of the Lebanon Reformed Church, the name was spelt EBCHER by the German-born pastor of that day. By the time that the English had set about to Anglicize the name, it took the form Apgard. The German letter E sounds more like the English A. Their B sounds to the English ear like a letter P. The German CH is not easily imitated by the English-speaking folk, so it comes ~out more like a soft G, perhaps a bit throaty. A soft G has to be followed by the letter E rather than A, according to English rules of pronunciation. All of these changes reached the English oars as Apger or Epgert. The German spelling of the name, however, continued as EBCHER, until 1786. At that time, the name of Anna Maria Apgar appears on 6 May 1786, in the Lebanon Reformed Church Records of Baptisms. At the same time, it frequently appeared as APGARD, but does not revert to the German EBCHER. By 1791 these records were written in English, and the name APGARD predominated until 1816. After that time it became APGAR.

When the Apgars first headed Westward, they seemed to have their surname spelt APKER, APHAR, AEPJER, APCHER, ABKER, and even APLER. Today, only two forms are commonly used: APGAR and APKER.


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Before you get started looking at the information below you may want acquaint yourself with THE NUMBERING SYSTEM and the KEY to ABBREVIATIONS.

Enjoy. If you have any questions or corrections, please e-mail apgar @ apgar.net

Father Apgars from Johannes (born 1714) to Eric

(no #)

JOHANNES PETER APGARD  born 1714   more info


CONRAD APGAR (Senior)  born 1755   more info


CONRAD APGAR (Junior) born 1804


GEORGE C. APGAR born 1832

CHARLES EMORY APGAR  born 1865  research paper on CEA by Lee Apgar, picture here

LAWRENCE CLARKE APGAR born 1907  (Sister Dr. Virginia Apgar), picture here

CHARLES EMORY APGAR,III born 1934, picture here

Eric Nathan Apgar born 1964, picture here

JOHANNES PETER APGARD, b. 1714   more info on Johannes
























b. 3 January 1755, d. 2 November 1839 or 1 March 1839, m. (1) Mary Farley, b. 1753, d. 1790, dau. of Meindurt Farley and Barbara Van Dieren. m. (2) Charity Sutton, b. 1768, d. 20 February 1845, dau. of John Sutton and Elizabeth Abel.

Conrad was confirmed in the Alexandria Reformed Church on 6 August 1775. He is buried in the first Reformed Church Cemetery of Lebanon, N.J. The headstone is located next to that of his brother Herbert's first wife, Anne. Probably the space had at first been reserved for Herbert, but then Herbert decided to be buried on his home farm. Whether Mary or Charity were buried beside Conrad is presently unknown. There is plenty of space there for both wives, but the markers, if any, have long since disappeared. Recently, Wayne W. Apgar asked for and received a military stone from the War Department. He placed it at the foot of Conrad's grave, as a tribute to his ancestor.

By first marriage:

10.1. John, b. 1778, m. Mary Pickell

10.2. Charles, m. Jane Gulick

10.3. Barbara, b. 1783, m. John Gulick

10.4. Mary E., b. 1784, m. Garrett Conover

10.5. Mindert, b. 1785, m. Eva Flomerfelt

10.6. Sarah, b. ca. 1787, m. Adam Hoffman

10.7. Joshua, b. 1790, m. Jane Bauman

By second marriage:

10.8. Hannah, b. 1793, m. Jacob Apgar, Jr. (6.11.)

10.9. Elizabeth, b. 1794, m. Jacob Philhower

10.10. Jacob C., b. 1797, m. Maria Schureman

10.11. Aaron, b. 1797, m. Catherine Brunner

10.12. Ann, b. 1798, m. Henry Hoffman

10.13. Catherine, b. 1800, m. Jacob W. Apgar (3.7.2.)

10.14. Conrad, Jr., b. 1804, m. Sarah Hoffman


10.14. CONRAD APGAR, Jr.,

b. 21 June 1804, d. 26 April 1879, m. Sarah Hoffman, b. 31 May 1806, d. 23 December 1891, dau. of Henry Hoffman and Charity Philhower.


10.14.1 Henry, b. 1824, m. (1) F. Lance, (2) C. Hoover, (3) 5. Lance


10.14.2. Charity, b. 1827, m. John Lare


10.14.3. Simon, b. 1829, m. Mary Apgar (6.7.5.)


10.14.4. George C., b. 1832, m. Emily Van Doren


10.14.5. Lydia, b. 1836, m. John Johnson


10.14.6. Isaac Fisher, b. 1842, m. Elizabeth Sutton


10.14.7. Catherine A., b. 1847


10.14.8. Hannah Maria, b. 1850, m. Henry Hoffman Hope


10.14.4. GEORGE C. APGAR

b. 30 November 1832, d. 23 July 1889, m. 31 January 1856, Emily Van Doren, b. 1834, d. 1914, aged 80 yrs. 4 mos., dau. of Serren and Mahala Van Doren. They lived in Bernardsville and Peapack. They are buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery in Peapack. Elizabeth Van Doren Apgar, b. 1860 Henry H., b. 10 August 1862, d. 6 July 1880 Charles Emory, b. 1865, m. Helen Clarke Louise V., b. 24 April 1868 Mahala S. a/k/a "May", b. 10 April 1871, d. 15 February 1953. Mahala was unmarried and lived in Melrose, Florida. Albert R., b. 9 February 1876, m. Millicent Vail ELIZABETH VAN DOREN APGAR

b, 16 Feb. 1860, m. 15 Oct. 1896 J. Sherman Cooley. Florence L. Cooley Geraldine M. Cooley, unm. S. Morton Cooley HENRY HOFFMAN APGAR

b. 10 Aug. 1862, d. 6 Jul. 1880. Buried Methodist Church Cemetery, Peapack, Somerset Co., NJ. unm CHARLES EMORY APGAR, picture here

b. 1865, d. 19 August 1950, m. Helen Clarke picture here. They lived in Westfield, N.J. Charles was a salesman for the New York Life Insurance Company, also an executive for the Spencer Trask & Co. Astronomy was his hobby. He wrote many articles for the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society. During World War I, the War Department knew that messages were being sent from a German station at Sayeville, Long Island. These messages were in a secret code that they couldn't decipher. However, Charles E. Apgar, a civilian and a radio fan, cracked the code. Then it was discovered that messages were being transmitted to German submarines about the movements of neutral ships in the area. Charles operated a private radio station W2MN in 1915. One of his sisters married a Harry L. Terry. Charles Emory Apgar, Jr., b. 3 Sept. 1900, Westfield, NJ, d. 22 Apr. 1904. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ. Lawrence C. Apgar, b. 1907, d. 1988, m. Margaret E. Parsons Virginia Apgar, MD, b. 1909, d. 7 Aug. 1974 LAWRENCE CLARKE APGAR, picture here

b. 15 Feb. 1907 Westfield, NJ, d. 1988, m. Margaret Elinor Parsons, picture here

b. 14 Mar. 1908 Wilks Barre, PA, dau. of Winfield Lattin Parsons and Mabel Beidleman. Charles E. Apgar, III, b. 1934, m. Pamela Hildreth, b. daughter of Margaret Anna Fisher and Reginald Morrow Hildreth Dr. Peter A. Apgar, b. 1938, rn. Judith L. Miller Richard Apgar, b. 1943, m. (1) Barbara Sue McMillin, m.(2) Janet Weeden CHARLES EMORY APGAR,III, picture here

b. 30 Apr. 1934, married Pamela Hildreth 9/26/58 picture here (twin Pat on left) Lee Scott Apgar, b. 23 Aug. 1959, m. Laura Krouse December of 1996, pictures here Eric Nathan Apgar, b. 10 Sept. 1964, m. Karen Lapuk 17 Aug, 1997 dau. of Marv and Sara Laupuk Zachary Chad Apgar, b. 24 Mar. 1966, picture here (Zack on right) m. Susan Repplier 2002 Jackson (Jake) Lee Apgar, b. 11 Mar. 2004 LEE SCOTT APGAR, b. 23 Aug. 1959, m. Laura Krouse December of 1996, pictures here Ingrid Amelia Apgar, b. 18 Jan 1998 Alex Beau Apgar, b. 26 Feb. 1999 Tucker Lee Apgar, b. 14 Mar. 2001 ERIC NATHAN APGAR, b. 10 Sept. 1964, m. Karen Lapuk 17 Aug, 1997 dau. of Marv and Sara Laupuk David Lawrence Apgar, b. 26 March 1999 Zachary Chad Apgar, b. 24 Mar. 1966, picture here (Zack on right) m. Susan Repplier 2002 Jackson (Jake) Lee Apgar, b. 11 Mar. 2004 PETER ALEXANDER APGAR, picture here (Pete is bottom center)

b. 2 Feb. 1938, m. Judith Lorena Miller. Michael Shawn Apgar, b. 24 Nov. 1961 m. Nan ? Rachel Lorena Apgar, b. 17 Oct. 1964 RICHARD APGAR, picture here (Rick is on left)

b. 20 Feb. 1943, d. 29 Sept. 1984 (Glider Accident near Honeyville Utah) m. (1) Barbara Sue McMillin, m. (2) Janet

Weeden. Larisa Ann Apgar, b. 24 Feb. 1970

(by second marriage) Brent Allan Apgar, b. 21 Aug. 1976 Margaret (Meg) Sue Apgar, b. 23 Oct. 1980, picture here married Bryan Lyman Dec 21. 2002 Larisa Kennedy m. John Kennedy 11 Nov 1989 Ethan Michael Kennedy, b. 25 Jan 1991 Mark Sterling Kennedy, b. 10 June 1993 Johannah Rose Kennedy, b. 15 Sept 1996 Gloria Grace Kennedy, b. 2 Oct 1999 DR. VIRGINIA APGAR,   web pages here

b. 7 Jun. 1909 Westfield, NJ, d. 7 Aug. 1974 Manhattan, NY. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, Union Co. NJ. unm.


Dr. Virginia Apgar, concerned about the health ot newborn babies, gathered data from 1949-1951 to establish criteria for prognoses at the earliest possible moment. This study was believed to be the first extensive program in neonatal research ever undertaken in the U. S. The data was finally reduced to five signs, now known as THE APGAR SCORE. The score is to be read within 60 seconds after a baby's head and feet were visible. Dr. Butterfield made APGAR the acronym for the test. A appearance (color) , P pulse, G grimace (reflect irritability) , A activity (muscle tone) , and R respiration. Each sign is worth 0, 1 or 2 and 10 is the best score. Virginia graduated from Mount Holyoke College, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1933, Wisconsin Medical School of Anaesthesiology. Since much of her work was in the delivery room, she organized in 1949 and was head of obstetrical anaesthesiology. She estimated that she had helped to deliver about 17,000 babies.

- "In Memoriam" by Christianna Smith '15"

- Mount Holyoke Alumnae Ouarterly. LOUISE VAN ARSDALE APGAR,

b. 24 Apr. 1868, d. 8 May 1954, m. 6 Nov. 1893 Harry L. Terry. Helen L. Terry Zoe H. Terry MAY (MAHALA) APGAR,

b. 10 Apr. 1871, d. 15 Feb. 1953, Meirose, FL. Buried Methodist Cemetery, Peapack, Somerset Co., NJ. unm. ALBERT REMSEN APGAR,

b. 9 Feb. 1876 Bernardsville, Somerset Co., NJ, d. 1 Feb. 1936 Philadelphia Area, m. 19 Jun. 1901 Dunnellen, NJ Millicent Edwards Vail, b. 10 Oct. 1875, Plainfield, NJ, d. Sept. 1963 Friday Harbor, Washington, dau. of Henry Clay Vail and Mary Anna Humpston. Grace M. Apgar, b. 12 Mar. 1903, m. Norman

Archambault Albert Remson Apgar, Jr., b. 1906, unm. Doris V. Apgar, b. 1908, m. (1) Carroll E. Murff, m. (2) Henry Jones, m. (3) Russell Junson Alma M. Apgar, b. 1909, m. Cheston Moore ALBERT REMSON APGAR, JR.,

b. 5 Jul. 1906 Lancaster, PA., d. 2 Mar 1983 Ananacortes, Washington. unm. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and during W.W. II he enlisted in the US Navy. He served in Europe and England. After the war he went to work for the Government in Washington, DC, in the office of Procurement in the Bureau of Standards. After his retirement in 1967, he moved to Friday Harbor, Washington. He was an active member of the San Juan Historical Society and the San Juan Yacht Club.



(corrections in this section from Rebecca Murff Walker) DORIS V. APGAR,

b. 6 June 1908, m. (1) Carroll E. Murff, m. (2) Henry Jones, m. (3) Russell Jermon. Carroll Eugene Murff, m. Odedda Lindner Remsen Murff, m. Lenore Doris L. Murff, b. 1932, m. Charles Kieft Dolores B. Murff, b. 1934,m. Arthur Kerlin CARROLL EUGENE MURFF,

b. May 5, 1928 m. Odedda Lindner Dec. 25, 1950 ..... Both Carroll Eugene and his son David were killed in an accident. May 24th 1977 David Murff (adopted) b. Aug. 23 1961 Rebecca Murff (adopted) b. Jan 23, 1964 REMSEN MURFF,

m. Lenore Randy Murff DORIS L. MURFF,

b. 1932, m. 1950 Charles Kieft. Roberta Kieft Robert Kieft, twin to Roberta Richard Kieft Ronald Kieft Roger Kieft Russell Kieft DOLORES BLANCHE MURFF,

b. May 1934, m. 1953 Arthur Kerlm. Delores Kerlin, b. 1954, m.(2) ...Snead Arthur Kerlin, m. Doris Arnold Kerlin Donna Kerlin ALMA M. APGAR,

b. 21 Aug. 1909 Colombia, PA, m. 2 Sept. 1933 Cheston Moore, b. 9 May 1891 Vincentown, NJ, d. 5 Jun. 1975 Tabernacle, NJ; son of John S. Moore and Ella Clevenger. Grace Moore,b. 1934, m. David Swan Millicent Moore, b. 1937, m. (1) Edward

Monroe, m. (2) Louis Tomassetti Milton Moore, m. Rose Mary Francoza GRACE MOORE,

b. 16 May 1934 Detroit Lakes, Mich., m. 2 Sept. 1964 Colac, State of Victoria, Australia David Swan, b. 7 Mar. 1937 Australia. Susan Gay Swan, b. 23 Aug. 1966, Colac,

Australia Thomas David Swan, b. 5 May 1969, Colac,


b. 18 Oct. 1937 Seattle, Wash., m. (1) Edward J. Monroe, b. 23 Nov. 1937 Detroit, Mich., m. (2) Louis Tomassetti, b. 9 Apr. 1939 Collingswood, NJ. Susan M. Monroe, b. 1959, m. Matthew

Downing Edward John Monroe, b. 21 Aug. 1961

Mount Holly, NJ Melissa Moore Tomassetti, b. 28 May 1981,


b. 27 Nov. 1959 Grosse Pointe, Mich., m. 10 Feb. 1979 Tabernackle, NJ Matthew Downing, b. 20 May 1952 South Wales, NJ. Brendan James Downing, b. 22 Jun. 1982 Quito, Equador MILTON MOORE,

m. May 1982 Rose Mary Francoza, b. 26 Jul. 1953 Bricktown, NJ. Sarah Lynn Moore, b. 12 Feb. 1983


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The numbering starts with the children of JOHANNES PETER APGARD. JOHANNES, the assumed patriarch of the Apgar family does not get a number. Each of the children of Johannes Peter Apgard have been assigned a number in the order of their assumed or actual date of birth.

Within each branch, the same numbering system is used. A dot is used to separate generations. For instance, Peter A. Apgar, Sr. is the second child of Herbert, so he is given the numbering 1.2. The #1 stands for Herbert, first son of Johannes Peter, while the 2 indicates that Peter A. is Herbert's second child. Herbert's grandson, John Peter, is given the numbers 1.2.9. because he is the ninth child of Peter A. Apgar, Sr. Herbert's great grandson, Elnathan, is given the number, because he is the fifth child of John Peter, son of Peter A. Sr., son of Herbert I.

We have set each head of household at the extreme left margin and listed underneath, indented, all of the sons and daughters of this head of household. Then, in capitals, each of these sons and daughters are repeated in their turn as heads of their households when they become married. If some of these children are not repeated, it is because they did not marry, or died young, or we do not have sufficient knowledge of their status to complete a second listing of their names.

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b. born

d.y. died young

d. died

a/k/a also known as

m. married

mos. months

bur. buried

yrs. years

unm. unmarried

Esq. Esquire

vol. volume

bk. book

V. Volume

p. page

F. Folio

pp. pages

dau. daughter

ca. circa

int. interred

c. circa

bap. baptised


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