How to Get Your Wife Pregnant and Perform in Bed

There are many couples today that are having a lot of trouble to have children.

What most of these couples do not know is that most of the reasons why they are not getting children can be controlled with ease.

Some of these reasons may be having sex at the wrong time, low sperm count and even the sex positions.

In addition, there are hose coupes that wish to have children at a certain time of the year for various reasons.

It is also very easy to control some of the factors involved to the couple’s advantage.

The guide below will give you the most effective tips to get your wife pregnant:

How to get Your Wife Pregnant

There are many guides in the internet today that claim to have the Holy Grail on conception.

Some of these guides have exaggerated information and most of them do not even work.

However, the guide below has been tested and proven to work when you want to get your wife pregnant fast.

Visit the doctor or midwife.

This is a very important step that every couple should do when they want to get a baby.

This is because they are able to lay the groundwork in preparation for the baby.

The health of the mother is carefully examined to ensure that it will be safe for her to carry the pregnancy until the baby is ready to be born.

There may be existing health conditions that cannot be dealt with immediately.

However, the doctor or the midwife will be aware of the problems and therefore maneuver their way through so that the pregnancy is healthy throughout.

Get to know when your wife is ovulating

This is another very important thing to consider when you want to get your wife pregnant.

Ovulation happens one every month in each of the menstrual cycles.

In simple terms, ovulation can be described as the process where the egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube.

The chances of getting your wife pregnant are more when you have sex with the knowledge of her ovulation period.

In order to know the ovulation dates in the menstrual cycle, you can make use of the many charts in the internet on menstrual cycles.

However, when your wife has irregular periods, then you may have to consult with the doctor or midwife to know her ovulation dates.

Make the necessary changes in lifestyle

When you are trying to conceive, you may want to start taking folic acid for a period of at least 30 days before you start the necessary steps to ensure you conceive.

Folic acid has been found to have nutrients that are responsible for the reduction of birth defects.

You may also want to refrain from tobacco, drug and substance abuse, alcohol and even reduce the intake of caffeine.

These, in addition to losing excess body weight are lifestyle changes you should make to ensure you conceive easily and have a healthy pregnancy.

You can also consult the doctor on other lifestyle changes you can make to ensure that the pregnancy is healthy.

Improve your fertility and sperm boost

When the sperms are healthy and strong, then there is a higher chance that they will successfully fertilize the egg.

Some of the things that can be done to give the sperms a boost include refraining from tobacco and alcohol.

Intake of folic acid, zinc and Vitamin C, staying away from saunas and tubs and also getting rid of excess weight are also some of the tips to give the sperms a boost.

Here are also a bunch of great foods for penis health.

Since the sperms take a while to mature, it is important that these steps be taken at least 3 months prior to the period you start trying to make your wife pregnant.

How to perform in bed

You may also be having a difficult time getting your wife pregnant because your sex life is not that great.

This is normal and it happens to many couples at some stage in their relationship.

However, it is not a cause for worry because it can be easily rectified.

Here are some of the steps to perform in bed and boost your sex life.


There are many guys out there today that do not shave.

While this may appear sexy, it also feels like sand paper at the same time.

This can be a major turn off during sex and therefore the reason for the poor sex life.

It is important that men shave regularly using a multi blade.

This is because it will help you to reduce the razor burns and also help your woman to get less whisker burns.

Learn her

Take note of the things she wants, the things she says and those that she doesn’t say.

This is a very important thing because it will help you to guess from an informed position.

When things have to be spelled out, the mood may end up being ruined and therefore leading to boring sex.

Also take not of how her body reacts and behaves in different situation, this will also help you to make informed judgements.

Complement her

There are many women that may feel uncomfortable due to their scars or other defects’’ that they feel they have.

In order to get rid of this feeling, you can kiss her on these areas so that she feels confident and warm up to you.

Also, try foreplay before the actual sex so that she warms up to you.


When you are looking to get your wife pregnant, there are several things you need to carefully consider.

In addition to visiting and consulting the doctor, making a lifestyle change and even getting a sperm boost, it is also important to boost the sex life.

These are just but the main and most effective things to do to ensure that you get your wife pregnant fast.

There are other tips to help you get your wife pregnant like the sex positions that you can also implement to ensure that the conception is successful.

Whatever method you chose, it is important to consult with the doctor so that they can guarantee that it is safe and it will work.

How to Increase the Chances of Child Conception

Basically, or rather generally, the healthier both you and your partner are, the more the chances of getting pregnant.

When both of you have made that decision of becoming a dad, or a mom, there are a couple of changes that must be done to your lifestyle in order to increase the chances of child conception.

These changes will also ensure that your pregnancy is healthy.

You also need to keep in mind that some medical complications such as asthma, diabetes, obesity among several others are capable of affecting your pregnancy.

Statistics have it that almost 84% of partners in the overall population do get pregnant within the first year of regular sex without using contraceptives.

About half of those who don’t get pregnant within the first year do so during the next one.

After making that final decision to get pregnant, a lot of women do all they can for child conception to occur during the succeeding cycle.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that getting pregnant is a process, and like any other, it needs enough time and planning.

Child Conception Basics

Now, the majority of us usually have a certain perception that you can just get pregnant by having unprotected sex.

However, the truth is that the process is more complicated than it sounds.

As you know, menstrual cycles do vary from one woman to another.

The key to getting pregnant is to have sexual intercourse pre and during the ovulation period.

This ensures that there are sperm cells present in the fallopian tube at the moment the egg is released.

The eases the fertilization process. Remember that sperm cells can survive and stay active in the female system for a period of over 96 hours.

Ensure proper timing

The surest way to guarantee pregnancy if both parties are healthy enough is by ensuring that you make love with your partner at a precise time during your menstrual cycle.

If your cycles are regular, that means that you will ovulate precisely a fortnight before. What this implies is that your fertility window will be a week before your ovulation.

On the other end, if your cycles are irregular, predicting your ovulation or fertility window can prove difficult.

There are other several techniques that you can also use to pinpoint your precise fertile window including:

Ovulation predictor kit.

It keeps track of your basal body temperature.

Use it to observe changes concerning the cervical mucus.

Professional or Follicular monitoring.

You need to find the right time and way to make love.

There are several myths about fertility, sex and also pregnancy in general.

Some of these myths have it that trying different positions or having your hips elevated for a while post-sex should help you get pregnant.

Others claim that orgasms can help the conception process.

Unfortunately, there are no studies or any kind of proof to back them up.

There are other products used during sex that do reduce sperm motility significantly one of them being your lubricant.

These products also decrease sperm viability.

When trying to get pregnant, you should consider avoiding all these sex enhancing products.

Among the products that you should avoid include the following:

  • Olive oil
  • K-Y Jelly
  • Saliva among others

If you still insist on using a lubricant, try mineral oil, pre-seed or even canola oil. These products cannot interfere with the process.

Eat Healthily

This is another very important factor that should be considered when trying to get pregnant.

Before attempting to get pregnant, you should ensure that you are as healthy as you can possibly get.

As a matter of fact, most doctors advise their patients to consult an obstetrician pre-pregnancy.

This will ensure that you are thoroughly screened in order to identify any complication that can cause problems during conception.

These will include any existing health complication or any genetic diseases.

It will also give you a chance to address any other health complication that you might be having.

There are a number of lifestyle changes that need to be adopted and employed in order to increase your chances of conception.

The most common among all include the following:

  • Ensuring a healthy weight.
  • Improving your exercise habits.
  • Improve your meals and try to eat a well-balanced diet during each meal.
  • Eliminate cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Cut back on the amount of caffeine you consume.

If you are fond of drinking a lot of soda or coffee, it is time you begin cutting back your consumption of such.

For increased chances of conception, the recommended intake of caffeine in your system should stay below 210 mg each and every single day which is approximately a 12-ounce coffee cup.

You should also begin consuming the recommended amounts of prenatal vitamins and folic acid on a daily basis soon after you make that decision to begin trying conception.

This will significantly cut back the risk of any birth defects.

So, when is the right time to seek more professional advice?

Basically, a healthy couple should get pregnant within the first year of trying.

Now, if you don’t conceive within that first year of actively trying, yet you are below thirty-five years old, then you need to consult your doctor.

If you happen to be over 35 years old, then you should only wait for six months of active trying before consulting your medical practitioner.

Also, if you have had multiple miscarriages before, then it’s probably the right time to see a fertility specialist.


After deciding to try and get pregnant, the waiting window can get to your nerves.

At times this can make you become very frustrated.

However, you need to understand that child conception it is a biological process. What this means is that it takes time.

You have to be patient. Keep in mind that this delay window is something normal and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never get pregnant.

Ensure that you keep the baby-making process fun and also adventurous.

The most important thing when trying to get pregnant is to practice staying calm.

Staying calm and relaxed will also increase your chances of achieving your dream.

How to Facilitate a Pregnancy Cycle Properly

For a lady who is expecting, the condition their bodies are dealing with, they should be aware of some facts that can make the pregnancy free of complications. Some of the pregnant ladies are unaware of the pregnancy-related facts and make an invitation to the complications which make the journey really tiresome for them. When a woman is given sufficient prenatal care during pregnancy the risk gets minimal.

Carrying an offspring is one of the thrilling periods that come in a woman’s life. Having swollen feet, raging hormones and a feeling of uneasiness are the discomforts she is going to face throughout the process. pregnant women care has been recognized to be very essential and the call for obligatory steps to be followed is always stressed. Generally, pregnant women care should commence before a woman conceives though this is something that is not possible. The care for a lady who is expecting can be better handled by experts’ hand. With the help of gynecologist, labor and delivery is easy and can even ease with the high-risk pregnancy.

High-risk pregnancy cases can be:

  • Having heart or diabetes problems
  • The woman who is more than 35 years
  • A woman at higher risk of preterm labor
  • Woman with more than one fetus

The expectant period affects the lifestyle of a woman and causes mood swings. Having a mood swing is very common and a reason for experiencing different feelings. Besides changes in a mood, changes in hormones, metabolism, tiredness, and stress are also likely to happen to a woman. The female hormones that are liable for the mood swings are estrogen and progesterone that also control the reproductive cycle.

Know the pregnancy tips from the experts that can relax you from the mood swings. The pregnancy tips state that a woman should think optimist during this time and take adequate rest & sleep. Taking balancing diet and doing some exercise during pregnancy is the key to a healthy expecting period. During summers before going to sleep take the light bath that can enable you to have a sound sleep.

At this time a woman goes through a lot of stress so it is advisable that a woman should exercise during pregnancy and listen to some soothing music that acts as a de-stressor. Wearing comfortable attires can also boost up your confidence by making you relaxed. Women should participate in religious activities that can be beneficial both to you and your baby.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Tips For Women

To support they’re having a baby there are plenty of food items and also beverages which might be obtained by the mother. Away from these many food products and beverages may be preferred as the desire of pregnant women diet regime. Orange juice is sort of a good gift when pregnant women consuming fruit juice on a daily basis in the course of 9 months regarding periods then it cannot be dangerous, nevertheless, it will be better if you take a suitable prescribed amount. The time it has been seen, lots of nutrients are taking out from the fruit juice.

A single glass of fruit juice some time approved by the physician. However, if any of pregnant women experience the abdominal condition, physicians are never assistance for orange liquid in a daily regimen. It might be dangerous for your abdominal. It is suggested to be often. Fruit juices take sometimes but only homemade, you should avoid packaged fruit juice. It will be a smart idea to avoid all the chemical packaged material in pregnancy because it will be dangerous for both mothers and also developing fetus. Mommy also keeps in mind, she is not merely liable for herself, also for her uterus youngster.

If you want to grow and also develop a healthy youngster then take healthful pregnancy diet which usually must be rich with all the nutrients. There is no exclusive diet regime intended for expectant women! Diet must be packed with iron, folic acid b vitamin in addition to foodstuff loaded with calcium mineral within the very first trimester of being pregnant. It’s a wise decision to encouraged and gaze after your healthy having a baby.

200-300 extra calories are usually the daily requirement for the particular pregnant women. Why it is crucial to keep maintain vitamins and minerals in her diet due to the fact during pregnancy woman must supply the best vitamins and minerals for herself and also baby inside. Every one of the substances which are using by the woman actually reaches the growing youngster through the umbilical cord. Therefore it is the responsibility of mommy to follow her pregnancy diet program. Your diet affecting the little one grows because it soaks in more nutrients from food, which can be you eating about pregnancy.

Following Tips Can Be Beneficial to You And Your Baby

Pregnancy is the time when you need to really change the eating habits and switch on to a healthy diet that can help you and your baby grow in the healthiest way. Food that can cause constipation should be avoided by a pregnant lady. Having milk with saffron is beneficial to the newborn. Heavy to digest food is also a complete no during the expecting period.

The woman needs to maintain a high-quality diet in order to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Fasting during this time is also not good for health and the doctors’ pregnancy advice can help you to know the perfect food for pregnant women. The leftover and frozen food should not be included in the pregnancy diet chart. The going to be mothers should involve nuts in their pregnancy diet as it will lessen the chance of an allergy to develop in the offspring. They are a good source of fiber, minerals, fatty acids, protein, etc. The pregnancy diet can be best suggested by the doctor who will compromise your diet with every such nutrition that is vital for the body.

Couples who are not able to bear the child too can be benefited from the pregnancy diet chart which will make you aware of the fertility booster foods. Sex during the conception period is also safe and seeking pregnancy advice can help you know which positions to have sex so that no harm is done both to the mother and her baby. Some women experience an enhanced sex drive while some others feel numb during the expecting mother. So the partner needs to be watchful and try to know what actually her lady desires during this time. The husband needs to give more time to her wife during this time and should not ignore her feelings and emotions.

Eating healthy is most crucial and women should stop dieting during this time as it will be damaging to the both of you. Fill yourself with positive thoughts and do not keep yourself in stress during this phase. The demand for food for pregnant women keeps on changing from trimester to trimester. Paying attention to the nutrition that your body wants requires a watchful care. The woman should also buy maternity products which are the must-have products that might be required at any time. So, before time make a list of every essential thing that would be required pre and post delivery.

Penis Exercise | How to Train Your Penis (for Men)

For a very long time, the focus on fertility has often been on the mother.

But it’s up to men to deliver with their penis.

Researchers indicate that when couples have difficulty with conception, 50 percent of the causes come from the female while the other percent from the man.

That’s why we recommend that all men do penis exercises.

In fact, male factors, majorly sperm production and quality due to lack of penis exercise represents almost 40 percent of the reason why some couples have difficulty conceiving.

Here are some penis exercise techniques by Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD, an accomplished Andrologist and male health expert.

Poor penis performance results when a man has very minimal chances of making his female partner pregnant and doesn’t do his penis exercise routine everyday.

This condition can be caused by various factors and may depend on a person’s general health, genetics, fitness, and diseases.

While infertility is not always treatable, the condition can be improved by doing penis exercises.

With that, here are 10 ways on how to do penis exercises to promote a healthy penis and increase your chances of getting your wife pregnant.

1. Penis Exercise Tip #1: Clean Up Your Diet & Lifestyle

The healthier your diet and lifestyle is, the more your sperm count and the optimum your fertility will be.

Inflammation in your body that results from eating processed fast foods can affect fertility and sperm health.

When you are not eating a whole food, your body will end up using the stored nutrients to process it since it doesn’t recognize it.

This ends up taking away the nutrients that your body could have used to produce more and healthy sperms.

2. Penis Exercise Tip #2: Work out regularly

In order for your body to make sperms, it needs to have the proper penis training.

However, the presence of fat tissue can easily make exercise difficult.

In addition, penis exercise tends to raise your testosterone levels which help you make sperm.

For improved sperm health, you should pair healthy eating with regular penis workouts.

However, restrain from overtraining which can the deplete vitamins and stored hormones in your body.

Working out your body is important, but also consider doing some penis exercises to target your penis health.

3. Penis Exercise Tip #3: Stay Cool

To maintain a healthy sperm count, you should try as much as possible to avoid overheating the testicles.

According to research, squashing the testes for extended period of time can harm it’s nerves, temporarily impede the flow of blood, and affect your sperm health.

Therefore, if your job involves sitting for much extended periods, always try to get up and walk around for some time to cool things down a little bit.

Instead do penis exercises to keep warm.

You should also consider avoiding spas and saunas.

4. Penis Exercise Tip #4: Take Enough Zinc

Zinc is one of the most essential minerals when it comes to penis health.

According to studies, a low amount of Zinc in the body is associated with higher risk of male infertility, low testosterone levels, and poor penis performance.

Animal foods such as fish, meat, and eggs, and nuts such as Almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts are filled with zinc.

Eat these foods after you do your penis exercises to help it recover.

5. Penis Exercise Tip #5: Eat Maca Root

Traditionally used to enhance penis enlargement training, Maca root has been one of the most popular plant foods since ancient times.

Several studies have shown that taking about 1.5 up to 3 grams of dried maca root every day for about three months after doing penis exercises greatly improved self-reported sexual libido and increase sperm count in men.

6. Penis Exercise Tip #6: Take amino acids

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the protein in our bodies and can reverse infertility due to doing penis exercises wrong.

This is because protein is needed for you to have a healthy penis.

The two most commonly used amino acids in conjunction with penis exercises are L-arginine and l-carnitine.

Apart from being available in many food sources, they can also be bought in capsule form.

7. Penis Exercise Tip #7: Plastic is not your friend

Plastics have been shown to a very negative impact on your penis.

Men who have been exposed to phthalates, a group of chemicals that are found in plastic containers, took about 20 percent longer to get their female partners pregnant.

This happened in the absense of routine penis exercise.

This is because Plastics cause a hormonal imbalance in the body thus exerting an oestrogenic effect on your penis.

This in turn reduces your body’s ability to produce testosterone leading to a decrease in sperm count.

Not even penis exercise can combat this ailment.

Therefore, avoid using plastic items as much as possible.

Penis Exercise example
Example of penis exercise done on a a fake penis.

8. Penis Exercise Tip #8: Watch where you put electronic gadgets

Your penis is very sensitive to any type of radiation.

In fact, they will suffer when exposed to radiation of any type.

In order to improve your sperm healthy and optimize your fertility, you should avoid all types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, especially while doing penis exercises.

The best way to do this is ensuring that there is no any electric equipment in your bedroom while doing penis exercises.

9. Penis Exercise Tip #9: Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes can cause oxidative stress which can cause damage to your penis.

In fact, a recent study done by the journal Human Reproduction indicates that smoking tobacco changes the size and shape of your sperms as well.

When the DNA of your sperm is changed, it puts you at risk of infertility.

No amount of penis exercise will allow you to recover.

Thankfully, these damages are reversible and can be inverted when one quits smoking.

10. Penis Exercise Tip #10: Relax and Minimize Stress

Stress can reduce your sexual desire and impair your fertility.

Penis exercises are not supposed to cause stress, but instead, relax the penis.

When you are constantly stressed out, your adrenal glands can be put under pressure which will in turn affect your sperm production.

Researchers explain that the hormone cortisol is responsible for these adverse effects of penis exercise stress.

When you have high levels of stress, the level of cortisol rises in your body also rises.

A high level of cortisol in the body has a very negative effect on your ability to deliver testosterone when doing penis exercises.

When your cortisol level goes up, your testosterone levels tend to go down and vice versa.

You can reduce stress by taking a walk, meditating, or doing more penis exercising.


The key to improve your your penis is to do penis exercises.

This also involves avoiding things like heat, oxidation, and toxic environmental exposure which are the greatest enemy to penis health.

By following these penis exercises and making better changes to your lifestyle, you will be able to greatly improve your penis health.

The Causes of Morning Sickness and How to Cope with It

For a majority of pregnant women, the toughest part about the first phase of pregnancy is bouts with morning sickness.

Morning sickness refers to those symptoms that pregnant women experience such as vomiting and nausea.

The symptoms affect approximately 75 percent of pregnant women.

What Is Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is a symptom that is difficult to understand.

This is because there are plenty of other signs that are related to the symptoms.

But the problem here is when the woman may not be pregnant.

For example, there are plenty of factors other than pregnancy that can cause nausea and vomiting.

Moreover, the bouts with the symptoms may not necessarily occur during the morning.

Some women experience the vomiting and nausea at night or in other parts of the day.

How Can Morning Sickness Be Treated?

Because the signs of morning sickness are similar to those that will be felt during ordinary days, a pregnant woman may be tempted to take in her regular medication to relieve the symptoms.

Doing this is a very dangerous decision because it may entail risks during pregnancy, which may even imperil the health of the mother or child or both.

That is why treatment of morning sickness commonly considers the application of home treatment.
Home treatment is better than medicines because they are cheaper and has no harmful effects during pregnancy.

Home treatment methods include the following:

  1. Avoiding foods and smell that makes a woman sick
  2. Preparing a ginger tea by lightly pounding ginger and then set to boil. Drinking the tea will help reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.
  3. Changing the patterns of eating, what one eats and the quantity of the food taken.
  4. The occurrence of Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning sickness usually starts during the sixth week of pregnancy.

The condition persists up to around the twelfth week of pregnancy.

In rare cases, the signs may even persist up to the end of pregnancy.

Despite the length of time that a pregnant woman will experience morning sickness, there are no known harmful effects of the condition on the health of either the child or the mother.

In this case, it is best to keep the condition as it is, keeping in mind that all of it is part of the natural process of pregnancy.

When one should decide to take medications, make sure that the doctor has prescribed them.

What Is the Best Way to Handle Morning Sickness?

The best way to handle morning sickness is to take food only in moderation.

Doing so will diminish the chances of vomiting, which is partly caused by a full stomach.

Another thing to consider is that a small intake of food will allow the stomach enough time for better digestion.

This will, in turn, assure the body of better consumption of the needed nutrients.

In other cases, it can be because a woman is susceptible to certain things enhanced by pregnancy.

One common morning sickness cause originates with women who previously had problems conceiving.

Women in this group more than likely went through some sort of hormone therapy which has been linked to causing morning nausea.

The direct cause of this ailment, besides pregnancy, is not known.

Nor is there a single cure for everyone. Many ideas have been presented.

Some believe that it may have a genetic concomitant, others that it is related to certain hormones released during pregnancy.

No one is certain.

But what causes morning sickness, although of interest to researchers and medical professionals, isn’t as important to the immediate well being of the sufferer as much as finding a cure to morning sickness or at least making it minimal.

And this can be done.

Morning sickness symptoms frequently detract from the happiness of pregnancy.

Fatigue, nausea and vomiting bouts in early pregnancy are perfectly normal pregnancy symptoms that you may have expected.

Since these symptoms are often the first indications of pregnancy, you may even have felt some excitement the first couple of times you experienced nausea.

This initial elation wears off very rapidly.

The reality of living with morning sickness on a daily basis is often a huge burden, for the mother-to-be as well as for the whole family.

Although nausea and morning sickness is a natural part of being pregnant, it’s a part that most women would give anything not to have to endure.

If your symptoms are anywhere from mild to moderate, then acupressure might be right for you.

Of course, there are varying degrees between mild to moderate, so you may need to decide from that point by trying it to see if it brings you morning sickness relief.

Sometimes trying a treatment is the only way to know if it will work for you.

There is much debate about what is the best morning sickness treatment out there, and the truth is that it is going to be different for each person.

Morning sickness can range from moderate to severe and can last only a few months to the whole pregnancy.
It can also be just in the morning, as the name implies, or it can last all day long.

Some women only experience nausea while others vomit.

With such a wide range of symptoms, there is no way that one treatment can be prescribed for this problem.

Acupressure is another ancient remedy that is gaining increasing attention as a treatment for nausea.

Based on the Chinese acupuncture points, acupressure involves applying pressure to a precise location known as the P6 point or Nei Guan found between the two tendons in the middle of the wrist, three finger-widths below the crease between the wrist and the palm.

Foods can help morning sickness or cause it.

Some foods do more harm than good.

These are foods that high in fat, or a particularly greasy.

Being watchful of what you consume is not simply an issue of avoiding morning nausea but also to ensure a healthy pregnancy as well.

The above are the best methods one can try to treat and prevent morning sickness. so why wait? try them today to experience better morning.