How to Increase the Chances of Child Conception

Basically, or rather generally, the healthier both you and your partner are, the more the chances of getting pregnant.

When both of you have made that decision of becoming a dad, or a mom, there are a couple of changes that must be done to your lifestyle in order to increase the chances of child conception.

These changes will also ensure that your pregnancy is healthy.

You also need to keep in mind that some medical complications such as asthma, diabetes, obesity among several others are capable of affecting your pregnancy.

Statistics have it that almost 84% of partners in the overall population do get pregnant within the first year of regular sex without using contraceptives.

About half of those who don’t get pregnant within the first year do so during the next one.

After making that final decision to get pregnant, a lot of women do all they can for child conception to occur during the succeeding cycle.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that getting pregnant is a process, and like any other, it needs enough time and planning.

Child Conception Basics

Now, the majority of us usually have a certain perception that you can just get pregnant by having unprotected sex.

However, the truth is that the process is more complicated than it sounds.

As you know, menstrual cycles do vary from one woman to another.

The key to getting pregnant is to have sexual intercourse pre and during the ovulation period.

This ensures that there are sperm cells present in the fallopian tube at the moment the egg is released.

The eases the fertilization process. Remember that sperm cells can survive and stay active in the female system for a period of over 96 hours.

Ensure proper timing

The surest way to guarantee pregnancy if both parties are healthy enough is by ensuring that you make love with your partner at a precise time during your menstrual cycle.

If your cycles are regular, that means that you will ovulate precisely a fortnight before. What this implies is that your fertility window will be a week before your ovulation.

On the other end, if your cycles are irregular, predicting your ovulation or fertility window can prove difficult.

There are other several techniques that you can also use to pinpoint your precise fertile window including:

Ovulation predictor kit.

It keeps track of your basal body temperature.

Use it to observe changes concerning the cervical mucus.

Professional or Follicular monitoring.

You need to find the right time and way to make love.

There are several myths about fertility, sex and also pregnancy in general.

Some of these myths have it that trying different positions or having your hips elevated for a while post-sex should help you get pregnant.

Others claim that orgasms can help the conception process.

Unfortunately, there are no studies or any kind of proof to back them up.

There are other products used during sex that do reduce sperm motility significantly one of them being your lubricant.

These products also decrease sperm viability.

When trying to get pregnant, you should consider avoiding all these sex enhancing products.

Among the products that you should avoid include the following:

  • Olive oil
  • K-Y Jelly
  • Saliva among others

If you still insist on using a lubricant, try mineral oil, pre-seed or even canola oil. These products cannot interfere with the process.

Eat Healthily

This is another very important factor that should be considered when trying to get pregnant.

Before attempting to get pregnant, you should ensure that you are as healthy as you can possibly get.

As a matter of fact, most doctors advise their patients to consult an obstetrician pre-pregnancy.

This will ensure that you are thoroughly screened in order to identify any complication that can cause problems during conception.

These will include any existing health complication or any genetic diseases.

It will also give you a chance to address any other health complication that you might be having.

There are a number of lifestyle changes that need to be adopted and employed in order to increase your chances of conception.

The most common among all include the following:

  • Ensuring a healthy weight.
  • Improving your exercise habits.
  • Improve your meals and try to eat a well-balanced diet during each meal.
  • Eliminate cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Cut back on the amount of caffeine you consume.

If you are fond of drinking a lot of soda or coffee, it is time you begin cutting back your consumption of such.

For increased chances of conception, the recommended intake of caffeine in your system should stay below 210 mg each and every single day which is approximately a 12-ounce coffee cup.

You should also begin consuming the recommended amounts of prenatal vitamins and folic acid on a daily basis soon after you make that decision to begin trying conception.

This will significantly cut back the risk of any birth defects.

So, when is the right time to seek more professional advice?

Basically, a healthy couple should get pregnant within the first year of trying.

Now, if you don’t conceive within that first year of actively trying, yet you are below thirty-five years old, then you need to consult your doctor.

If you happen to be over 35 years old, then you should only wait for six months of active trying before consulting your medical practitioner.

Also, if you have had multiple miscarriages before, then it’s probably the right time to see a fertility specialist.


After deciding to try and get pregnant, the waiting window can get to your nerves.

At times this can make you become very frustrated.

However, you need to understand that child conception it is a biological process. What this means is that it takes time.

You have to be patient. Keep in mind that this delay window is something normal and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never get pregnant.

Ensure that you keep the baby-making process fun and also adventurous.

The most important thing when trying to get pregnant is to practice staying calm.

Staying calm and relaxed will also increase your chances of achieving your dream.